The Truth About Hostgator Coupons?

hostgatorFor any potential new customer of Hostgator who is looking to sign-up with this popular web hosting provider the task of finding a Hostgator Hosting Coupon Code can become arduous and may even become annoying. The reason for this is the sheer amount of websites out there all offering some type of Hostgator coupon. They all say they have the best coupons but obviously this cannot be correct unless all the coupons are actually the same, is this possible?

You bet it is! As an innocent customer you will be bombarded by sites who say “maximum discount”, “best hostgator coupons”, “latest coupons”, “highest value coupons” and many others with a similar tone. The truth of the matter is that all these sites are offering the same coupons and all these sites are run by Hostgator affiliates.

Hostgator’s affiliate program has attracted thousands of affiliates because of their generous commissions that range from $50 – $125 per sale. You may ask: how is it possible for a web host to offer such a high commission when you are only paying a few dollars every month? Basically, it all comes down to the numbers and statistics that Hostgator have in their database. Over the years they have been able to compile data on how long a customer stays with them and what the overall value of each customer is.

Seeing that you are paying monthly the cost you pay for hosting over 5 years can amount to hundreds of dollars. As an example: Hostgator could have placed an amount of $500 on every customer that signs up with them. Looking at things from this perspective you can quickly see how it is possible for a web host to pay such high commissions and it is also clear why so many affiliate are attracted to such high commissions.

Now, to get back to the countless number of coupon sites offering Hostgator discounts! Hostgator’s affiliate control panel allows each affiliate to create custom coupons. There are basically two types of coupons that an affiliate can create: one type has the value of 25% off and the other is $9.95 off.

hostgator promo codesApart from these two types, there aren’t any other variations that can be created by the affiliates. The only variation is the name attached to the coupon. If an affiliate wants to create a custom coupon for 25% off the affiliate will have to give the coupon a unique name that is at least 10 characters. This custom coupon will be unique to the affiliate creating the coupon. When someone utilizes this affiliates coupon this particular affiliate will be credited for a sale. This is great for affiliates as people just have to use their custom codes and they will receive a commission – no clicking of affiliate links or any of that stuff!

The plethora of different coupons out there is the direct result of these factors. What you have is thousands of affiliates all creating their custom coupons for the same value and placing it online in the hope that some unsuspecting coupon seeker grabs hold of it an uses it. The coupon seeker is happy for the discount received and the affiliate is over-joyed as well.

You can say this is a win-win situation but really it is in my opinion a deceptive tactic as there is no transparency. But from a consumer perspective I do not think it really affects them negatively because they perceive they have received a bargain. I guess there is a fine line here between deception and truth. You be the judge? Grab the latest Hostgator Reseller Coupon Code for your web hosting reseller business website. The reseller plan from Hostgator is slightly more expensive due to more added benefits that are essential for anyone looking to start a web hosting company as a reseller.